Exporting products via API

SellRapido allows you to download all the products in your catalogues via API.

To proceed, use the following API:


HTTP Method: GET

The body of the request must use the following format:


"catalog": 7, the ID of the catalogue for which you want to download the products. If not specified, products from all catalogues will be extracted.

"published": true , enter "true" if you only want to download products published on at least one marketplace. If not specified, published and unpublished products will be extracted.

"zip": false, enter “false” if you want to download the .csv path in a zip file. If not specified, an uncompressed csv path will be downloaded.

"fields": ["sku", "ean"], the list of columns that will appear in the extraction.

"field_separator": "|", character used to separate path fields.

If not specified, the "|" separator will be used.

"row_separator": "\n", character used to separate rows in the path. If not specified, the \n new line separator will be used.

"text_qualifier": "" field used as path string qualifier. If not specified, no qualifier will be used


The catalogue and published parameters are filter parameters used with “AND” logic.

The various parameters are optional and allow you to create filters to select products for downloading.

Product fields

Fields are given values on the basis of catalogue type.

You can use the fields input field to specify which fields to extract.

If the field is not specified, the following fields are extracted:

["sku", "ean", "mpn", "brand", "asin", "catalog_category1", "catalog_category2", "catalog_category3", "quantity", "price1", "price_shipping1", "delivery_days", "title", "description", "url_image1", "url_image2", "url_image3", "url_image4"]

The following is a list of available fields:

  • id identifying the product on SellRapido
  • sku unique product code within the catalogue
  • catalog_category1 category name level 1 catalogue
  • catalog_category2 category name level 2 catalogue
  • catalog_category3 category name level 3 catalogue
  • channel_categories blob json of product publication categories on specific marketplaces (channels); bypasses the filling in of shop_category_map by working directly on individual upstream products (see listing.channel_category). The form of the json is {categories: [{channel: channel.id , category_id: ...}, ...]}
  • condition_code: product condition
  • condition_description: description of the condition
  • sku_label: talking or alternative sku used in very rare cases; it does not replace the sku but can be used for submissions to the marketplace in place of sku; ex-field: label_input
  • title: title
  • subtitle: subtitle
  • description: detailed description
  • description_changed: 1 to indicate that the description field has been changed
  • description_extra: extra description
  • brand: brand (or manufacturer); these values populate catalog_brand
  • lang: ISO 639-1 language code
  • quantity: quantity
  • availability: 1 indicates that the product is available; it is normally used as an alternative to quantity but if both are used then they are always on OR
  • url: URL of the product tab
  • url_image1: URL image
  • url_image2: URL image
  • url_image3: URL image
  • url_image4: URL image
  • url_image5: URL image
  • url_image6: URL image
  • url_image7: URL image
  • url_image8: URL image
  • url_image9: URL image
  • price1: price
  • price2: price
  • price3: price
  • price4: price
  • price5: price
  • price6: price
  • price_cost: cost of the product
  • price_shipping1: shipping costs
  • price_shipping2: shipping costs
  • price_shipping3: shipping costs
  • price_shipping4: shipping costs
  • price_shipping5: shipping costs
  • price_shipping6: shipping costs
  • fee_additional1: shipping costs per additional item
  • fee_additional2: shipping costs per additional item
  • fee_additional3: shipping costs per additional item
  • fee_additional4: shipping costs per additional item
  • fee_additional5: shipping costs per additional item
  • fee_additional6: shipping costs per additional item
  • vat_perc: percentage vat
  • ean: ean code
  • isbn: isbn code
  • mpn: manufacturer code
  • asin: amazon product code
  • fupid: pix_place product code
  • weight: weight
  • weight_um: abbreviation for weight unit
  • raee: weee tax
  • variations: blob json of variants
  • is_variation: 1 to indicate that the product is part of a set of variants
  • extra1: extra field
  • extra2: extra field
  • extra3: extra field
  • extra4: extra field
  • extra5: extra field
  • extra6: extra field
  • extra7: extra field
  • extra8: extra field
  • extra9: extra field
  • item_note: item notes
  • import_action: action taken during the import process: insert (new product), update (changed product), deplete (sold out), delete (product removed from the listing)
  • delivery_days: days needed to prepare for shipping
  • compatibility: blob json containing the compatibility key pointing to an array of attribute pairs: name, value
  • attributes: blob json of item specifics, additional attributes of the item
  • on_demand: 1 to indicate that the product is not immediately available
  • on_demand_days: number of days before shipping to the buyer, to be used only if on_demand=1
  • warehouse: the code of the warehouse from which the product comes
  • created: date when the product was placed in the catalogue
modified: date when the product was last modified