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How to open a ticket

How to open a ticket

To open a support ticket:

1. Log into your SellRapido account.

2. When you have logged in, click on the Settings menu at the top right.

3. From the drop-down menu select Support.

A window will open reminding you of your company ID.

4. Click on the
Open a Ticket button

When the form opens, the “email” and “company ID” fields should be pre-filled.

If this is not the case, enter the email address with which you registered on SellRapido and the company ID shown previously.

For optimal ticket management, it is very important to enter this information correctly.

5. Once the user data is filled in, select the ticket Category that you want to open.

Here are a few examples:

If you need support in adding a catalogue, select the “Catalogues” category.

If you need support in associating a marketplace, select the “Marketplace/E-commerce” category.

6. When you have chosen the category, set the Subcategory.

This area allows us to go into more detail about the request.

Here are a few examples:

If you have selected the “Catalogues” category and need to add a new catalogue, select the “Add New Catalogue/Open FTP Space” subcategory.

If you have selected the “Catalogues” category and need to report a publication error, select the “Publications with errors” sub-category.

If you do not see the category or subcategory you can select “Other”; this will be a valuable signal for us to improve all sections of the form.

7. Finally enter the Description.

The more accurate your description is, the faster we can give you support.

Whenever possible, write down an example and attach one or more images using the “Attach file” button

How to choose Category and Subcategory

Choose Category and Subcategory according to your needs

Category and Subcategory

Information on


  • Adding new catalogue / opening FTP space
  • Catalogue import error
  • Inconsistency in publication settings and listings
  • Edit / check catalogue content (prices, qty, etc)
  • Publications with errors
  • Catalogue removal

Pre-sale > Products > Catalogues and existing publications

SellRapido Ecommerce

  • Domains and Servers
  • Graphics and Layout
  • Site admin settings
  • Product / listing organisation
  • Administrative / invoicing queries

SellRapido Ecommerce settings and features


  • Addition / removal of wholesaler codes
  • Support for suspension/blocking of marketplace accounts
  • Activation of order automation
  • Order automation does not work
  • Recommended publication settings (price mark-ups, listings, categories, etc.)
  • Request contact with logistics partner for order sorting
  • Report on wholesaler
  • B2BHUB wholesaler site account activation reminder
  • Check B2BHUB catalogue data (prices, qty, etc)

Pre-sale > B2BHub catalogues

After Sales > Order automation

Marketplace/E-commerce site

  • Setting up sales channels
  • Publication settings
  • Inventory alignment request
  • Removal of sales channel

Sales channel publication configuration and settings


  • Change order status does not work
  • Amazon FBA configuration
  • Extrapolation of orders for invoicing
  • After sales orders cannot be entered
  • Check order information

After Sales > Orders

Price comparators

  • Create comparator catalogue
  • Check comparator feeds 

Pre-sale > Price comparator catalogues


  • Enabling of order automation to couriers
  • Extrapolation of order data for couriers

Configurations and extrapolations to couriers

Account settings

  • Adding new members to accounts
  • Account log in errors
  • Account reactivation
  • Replace account email address

SellRapido Manager account and log in


  • Changing invoicing details
  • Invoice request
  • Reimbursement
  • Reporting payment
  • SellRapido rates

Administrative topics


Use this section only if there are no other solutions