AliExpress publication errors


Once you have published one or more products on your sales channels, you must check the ads report, where you can examine any errors and apply the necessary changes for the successful publication of the products. Below is a list of the possible publication errors on AliExpress and instruction on how to resolve them. 

Brand not registered

The product brand you are trying to publish is recognised by AliExpress, but is not among those registered in your account.

Log in to the AliExpress Seller Center and register your brand. Once registered, please resubmit your ads (because they are in Fatal Error, they are not automatically re-sent to the marketplace).

Go to Pre-sale > Ad reports > Select AliExpress and the relevant listing > Report on current selection > click on No. errors > Select the ads with errors (the rows will turn yellow) > Resubmit the selected ads.

Alternatively, you can click on Resubmit all ads: all ads with an error will be relaunched.

Invalid SSL certificate

AliExpress cannot validate the site's SSL certificate and therefore does not download the images.

Open a ticket in AliExpress, remembering to include the full address of the sample image and a description of the error.

Error 27

The AliExpress credential has expired. The credential must be validated again every 30 days:

Go to Settings > Marketplace Credentials > AliExpress > Click on the credential > Save > the AliExpress authorisation page will open.

No brands found

The ad showing this error is published anyway, but the brand associated with the offer will appear as “Other”.

There are 2 possible reasons for this error:

  1. The brand is not recorded in AliExpress, in which case you will have to request registration by AliExpress through the Seller Center. Once the brand is accepted you can register it in your account and republish the offer. 
  2. The brand name of the offer is included among those on AliExpress, but has a slightly differently spelling and therefore is not recognised. For example: In the opening listing the brand is listed as “Dolce & Gabbana”, but AliExpress listed it as “Dolce&Gabbana” (without spaces). 

In the latter case, you can proceed in three ways:

        a. open a ticket and ask SellRapido support to create an alias, specifying the SKUs of the offer showing the error and the correct representation of the brand to be entered;
        b. if you have few offers for this brand, change the brand in the product sheet and use the “data lock” feature.
    Click here
        to see how to do it (please note: the brand name will be changed in all publication channels). 
        c. if you are the owner of the listing, you can change the nomenclature in the upstream file instead. 

    What to do if you don't find the brand on the AliExpress Seller.

    Sometimes Chinese nomenclatures appear when you try to register a brand.

    Imagine that you want to register the Candy brand and a situation like this emerges:

    To establish which of the 6 proposed brands to use, you need to use the Google online translator.

    Translate the Chinese part as in the image below 

    We see from the translated test that the section in Chinese comes under the “Home appliances” product category, so you should use that one. 

    The other brands are homonymous, but produce sweets, clothing, or cosmetics. 

    If in doubt, we recommend that you register them all. 

    Missing shipping rule

    AliExpress requires the shipping rule to be entered.

    Go to the AliExpress Publication settings for the Relevant listing > Shipping > set the Sales rule and enter the name of the added rule in the AliExpress Seller Center in the Products > Shipping Template section.